Work Your Triceps from Different Angels


Everyone who goes to a gym, especially those who aim to add muscles, have a fascination for bigger arms. If you have ever been to a gym you might have seen guys flexing their arms in front of the mirror (the second body part they check is their abs). Bigger arms are so important that no one misses biceps day. However, triceps are not given that importance. Triceps are usually done after chest exercises or after heavy biceps workouts. And this is where the problem comes in. It is your triceps that make up a larger portion of your arms. They also play a huge role while performing heavy presses and shoulder exercises. So if you strengthen the triceps you are indirectly able to get bigger chest and shoulder muscles. There are three angles from which you must hit your triceps: arms parallel to the body, arms perpendicular to the body and overhead position.

Arms parallel to the body

Single arm cable press down: This is one of the best exercises for triceps and is usually done at the end of the training. Although some people do it across the body, it can be done by keeping the arms and shoulders in a straight line. The elbow should be close to the body and the shoulder should be back; this puts more pressure on the triceps. You can use a D-handle to do it, or if you have a good grip then the cable would suffice. Trainers recommend doing more reps of this exercise.

Rope pull down: This is a common exercise for triceps. But remember to keep your shoulders back at all times; if the shoulder comes forward the tension is released from the triceps. You can also induce extra stress on the triceps standing two feet away from the pulley.

Arms perpendicular to the body

Skull-crusher: This can be done using an E-Z bar or dumbbells. However dumbbells offer more variations and put more pressure on the target area. It also keeps the elbows intact. You can use both arms when doing lighter weights and switch to single arms while doing heavier weights.

Body Weight Skull-crusher: It is a good exercise that is often neglected by people. It is best done on a Smith machine with the bar near your navel region. The position of the bar can be altered based on your height and convenience. The difficulty level is increased or decreased depending on how far away you stand from the bar.

Overhead arms

Standing Overhead Triceps Extensions: This is a common exercise for triceps where you can increase weights as well as hit good repetitions. The only thing to remember here is to keep your core tight and elbows together.

Incline Skull-crusher with EZ-Bar: There are many variations of skull-crushers. When you do an Incline Skull-crusher with EZ-Bar, your triceps are already extended and the range of motion can be increased by bringing the bar behind the head.

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