Zumba and Zorba in Our All Inclusive Package.


Ask anyone who has ever gone to the gym what they hate the most about their fitness progress and they will tell you that after a certain point of time things get monotonous. Let’s admit not everyone is as passionate as going to the gym as bodybuilders who are looking to participate in any event. Most people with weight loss goals will quit as soon as the weighing scale tilts in their favor. Then there are others who stop because they were never interested in the first place. People of all age group face some of these problems.

The first thing to understand before following a lifetime of fitness is that it is not going to be easy and sometimes it does get boring. My Fitness, My Journey is different for different people and the way they achieve it is through different means.

The super discount offer that we have for you this month is a one year all inclusive package which includes 72 sessions of Zorba and Zumba. And following from our previous premise, Zorba and Zumba takes away the monotony of doing the same things inside a gym.

Zumba for instance is a fun way to lose weight, increase your heart beat level and increase the blood flow through the blood vessels. When you are tired of doing cardio all week long then you can try Zumba during the weekends (or whenever it’s been organized in your facility) and break free from the treadmill monotony. It is also a good event to socialize with other likeminded people, because you are doing what you love, i.e. dancing in a group and copying each other’s steps and movements. Healthy bonds are made during Zumba sessions. Teenagers, are you listening?

Zorba on the other hand combines yoga poses with aerobic exercises and is the ultimate mind-body exercise. You can do it anytime you want but the best advice is to participate in it religiously at least during Sunday evenings (just a personal opinion).

The MyFitnessMyJourney initiative has taken into consideration all the problems faced by people who are eager to work out. The special rate of Rs 20,000 includes a one year all inclusive membership offer that will help you break free from the monotony of work outs.

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